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The Warm Home Discount Scheme

ATTENTION!  Save £140 - The Warm Home Discount Scheme

For Winter 2019 to 2020, you could be eligible £140 off your electricity bill through the Warm Home Discount Scheme. The money isn’t paid to you - it’s a one-off discount on your electricity bill or credited to your electricity prepayment meter, usually paid before end of March 2020.

The discount won’t affect your Cold Weather Payment or Winter Fuel Payment. The discount is normally if you are on benefits, or on a low income but please check if you are entitled.

The criteria for each of the energy suppliers is different and further information can be obtained by following the link .Then scroll down the page and follow the link for your electricity supplier. 

All of the energy suppliers have a limit on the number of applications for Warm Home Discount and when this limit is reached they will take no more. So please complete the application as soon as possible, if you are eligible.  

If you have any problems or queries regarding Warm Home Discount or have please contact our Income Maximisation Officer, Tracy Doran,  Tel: 01786 446066.