We have recently joined HomeSwapper which is a mutual exchange matching web site. Our tenants can now register with HomeSwapper free of charge, and get information about tenants in the Stirling area who want to exchange houses, as well as details of people wanting to move here from outside the area.  

If you are not a Forth tenant, check with your landlord to see if they are registered with HomeSwapper.  Even if your landlord isn't registered with HomeSwapper you can still use this web based mutual exchange system, but you will need to pay a small registration fee.

For more information about HomeSwapper visit their website at .

If you find someone to carry out an exchange with either through HomeSwapper or another way, you must get written permission from ourselves(or your own landlord if you are not a Forth tenant) before an exchange can take place.  If you are a Forth  tenant you can get an application form and a guidance note from our offices.

Please note that written permission is needed from ourselves before an exchange can take place.