Management Committee Members List of Committee Members at January 2024:

Ann Dickson (Chair) - Ann was elected to committee at the AGM in 2019. She was active in local politics for many years, during which she held several senior positions. The provision of quality housing and services to tenants has always been a priority for Ann and remains so today.

Andrea Finkel-Gates (Joint Vice Chair) - Andrea joined our Management Committee in 2022. Andrea is Chief Executive of Scotland’s Housing Network and has over a decade of senior leadership experience that spans across housing, membership organisations and education. Prior to this her first career was as a teacher.  Andrea is people orientated, intuitive and hold values very highly.  She believes in collaboration and co-production, and that by working together, with a shared purpose,  great things can happen. Andrea is committed to ensuring tenants are at the heart of all decision making.

Kenny Hutton (Joint Vice Chair) - Kenny joined the Management Committee in 2022. Kenny has extensive experience in housing, social services and early years education. He has worked at senior level in areas including investment, policy development and business planning. He has a keen interest in the valuable role that community based, voluntary agencies play in public life.

James Bryce – James was elected to Management Committee in 2019. He has past experience of voluntary work gained during his time with the MS Society Scotland where he oversaw all aspects of health and safety for the local volunteer group; and has recently volunteered to assist with the Health and Safety.

Priscilla Maramba (Tenant Member) – Priscilla joined Management Committee in 2019. Priscilla has a lengthy involvement with charities and co-founded a local community charity over 10 years ago which she chaired for over 5 years. In addition, she has sat on various Boards and she currently runs her own business.

John Jenkins - John joined the Management Committee in 2021 and is former Chartered Surveyor with post graduate Diploma in Housing Studies.  John has worked with private housebuilders, local authorities and Scottish Government before retiring following 10 years with the Scottish Housing Regulator. 

Alistair Hutton - With over 20 years in construction in both public and private sectors.  Alistair is a committee member who was co-opted in 2021.  His experience as a Project Manager will be of benefit not only in development but across all areas of social housing.

Lyndsay Moffat - Lyndsay joined the Management Committee in 2022 and works for a housing association in Glasgow.  She has a Diploma in Corporate Governance and is Chairperson of theScottish Housing  Conections Website Consortium. She has a keen interest in the community-based housing movement and performance management.      

Abira Sarwar - Abira currently is a Finance Manager with a Glasgow-based housing association and joined our Management Committee 2023. She manages Management Committees as a part of the housing industry. She is an ACCA affiliate with extensive experience in Finance. Interested on how Forth Housing Association has the best practises in place and their regeneration programme in the Stirling area.

Callum Wynd - Callum recently joined our Management Committee 2023. Callum works for a local authority. Has housing sector experience, both in his current role and as a Graduate in Housing Strategy and Development in Falkirk, and previous role as a Trainee Housing Officer at another Housing Association. Through both experiences, he has a great knowledge about a variety of aspects of the social housing sector, including housing management, housing strategy and development and housing legislation.

Councillor Gerry McGarvey - Councillor McGarvey attends meetings as an observer and is the link between Stirling Council and Forth. Cllr McGarvey has been attending our meetings since October 2022.