Assigning your tenancy happens when you pass on your tenancy to someone else who will take on all the rights and responsibility of the tenancy, including any rent arrears.
If you want to assign your tenancy, the property must have been your only or principle home during the 12 months immediately prior to your application to pass your tenancy onto someone else.

The person that you wish to pass your tenancy on to must have lived at the property as their only or principal home for at least 12 months before the date of your written request and you must have notified us in writing of the person living in the property, as the 12 month residency period does not start until we have been notified.
There are other conditions. These are described below.

Before you can assign your tenancy you must get our permission. You should put your request in writing giving all the details of who you want to assign the tenancy to. If you have been paid or promised to pay any money or get any other benefit to make the assignation, you must tell us about it.

When we get your request we will carry out all the same checks as listed under 'Sub-letting Your Tenancy'.

We will also check that the person you want to assign the tenancy to has lived in the house as their only or main home for 6 months before the application has been made. If they have been living there as your sub-tenant, we won't give permission.

When we receive your request we will check the following:

  • You do not owe us any money
  • There is no legal action being taken against you
  • That we have not obtained a court order to end your tenancy
  • The rent or deposit that you plan to charge the sub-tenant is reasonable.
  • Your home will not be overcrowded.
  • That the proposed change would not lead to an under-occupying situation.
  • The Association does not intend to carry out major works to your home.

If permission is refused we will give you our reasons in writing. If you are unhappy with our decision you can use our Complaints Procedure to have the decision reviewed.