Anti-Social Behaviour

Forth recognises that every individual is entitled to live without disturbance or disruption within their neighbourhood.

It recognises the importance of taking early and effective action to reduce the likelihood of legal action being needed, and to increase the chances of it being resolved successfully.

So what is anti-social behaviour?

In practice anti-social behaviour can mean different things to different people. It can cover a wide range of behaviours from dog fouling to criminal damage to property.

It happens when a person's actions are likely to cause alarm, distress, nuisance or annoyance to another person or damage to someone's property. It can include speaking threateningly or offensively.

What Is A Hate Incident?

“Crime motivated by malice or ill-will towards a social group.”

A Hate Incident- is any incident perceived as such by you or any other person. Anyone can be the victim of a hate incident.

Incidents perceived by any person to have been motivated by hatred, malice or prejudice of Race, Religion/Faith, Sexual Orientation, Transgender identity or Disability are recorded, monitored and investigated as hate incidents.

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Tenants experiencing anti-social behaviour will be encouraged to play a full part in action taken to deal with this. Their views will be taken into account in reaching decisions on courses of action, and they will be kept informed of progress by their Housing Officer. You can obtain a copy of our Anti-Social Policy by clicking here.

Got Something To Share?

Your Housing  Services Officer is often your first point of contact when something is happening around your home. Sometimes however they are not the appropriate person to contact particularly when this relates to illegal activity.
We understand the anxieties and concerns regarding reporting some matters to the Police, you can however report this completely anonymously to Crimestoppers. They are not the police but an independent charity working to help communities.
If you have access to the internet you can report non emergency issues eg drug issues, doorstep crime, drink driving to You can also call them in confidence on 0800 555 111.
Please refer to for more information.

Complaints Form

We are committed to tackling anti-social behaviour promptly, firmly and fairly.

If you wish to make a complaint regarding anti-social behaviour, please either contact the Housing Management team or complete our complaints form.

Privacy Policy
Information on how we handle and use your personal information that you provide to us is included within our privacy policy.

Types of Behaviours That Can Be Described As Anti-Social

Noisy neighbours
Noisy cars / motorbikes
Loud music
Alarms (persistent ringing / malfunction)
Noise from pubs / clubs
Noise from business / industry
Rowdy behaviour
Shouting & swearing
Drunken behaviour
Hooliganism / loutish behaviour
Nuisance behaviour
Urinating in public
Setting fires (not directed at specific persons or property)
Inappropiate use of fireworks
Throwing missiles
Climbing on buildings
Impeding access to communal areas
Misuse of air guns
Letting down tyres
Hoax calls
False calls to emergency services
Animal related problems
Dog fouling
Criminal damage / vandalism
Damage  to bus shelters
Damage to phone kiosks
Damage to street furniture
Damage to buildings
Damage to trees / plants / hedges
Litter / rubbish
Dropping litter
Dumping rubbish
Drugs / substance misuse and dealing
Taking drugs
Sniffing volatile substances
Discarding needles / drug paraphernalia
Presence of dealers or users
Street Drinking
Discarded condoms
Kerb crawling
Pestering residents
Abandoned cars
Vehicle related nuisance & inappropriate vehicle use
Setting vehicles alight
Racing cars
Off road motorcycling / quad bikes