Mission Statement

The Association aims to provide good quality, well managed, barrier free, affordable housing for rent and low cost home ownership in the Stirling area, for those persons in greatest need.

Strategic Objectives

  • To strive to meet the recognised Performance Standards for Social Landlords and Homelessness functions and to establish the necessary internal monitoring procedures.
  • To provide sensitive management of properties to the highest possible standards.
  • To allocate houses by implementing a clear, impartial and comprehensive system of processing all requests for tenancy from whatever source.
  • To facilitate tenant participation by ensuring tenants have the opportunity to influence decisions and take part in matters which affect the quality of their lives.
  • To provide housing which focuses on tenant comfort and security, low running costs, high thermal insulation, low maintenance costs, barrier free environment and environmental sustainability.
  • To ensure financial viability by making the best use of resources in all the Association’s activities whilst adhering to risk management principals
  • To demonstrate commitment to community development through wider role activity.
  • To ensure that staff, committee members and tenants have the opportunity to undertake the type and level of development which support the achievement of the aims and objectives of the Association.