Category of Repair & Response Times

As a general rule the Association expects contractors to keep to the following response times.

Emergency Repairs

Attendance within 4 hours of reporting defect would be expected for defects which might cause danger to tenants or others or which might cause damage to the buildings or tenants‘ property.

Urgent Repairs

Attendance within 2 working days from the day after reporting the repairs request, or at a time to suit the tenant, for defects which might affect the water supply, drainage, electricity supply, gas supply or security of the house..

Routine Repairs

Attendance within 10 working days from the day after reporting the repairs request, or at time to suit the tenant, for normal day to day repairs such as faulty unit doors.


When a tenant takes up residency of a new-build property repairs are dealt with in a different manner. These properties are covered by the Defect Liability Period (DLP) which runs for one year from the time the property is handed over to the Association by the Contractor.

During this period the Contractor will normally be responsible for, but not all, repairs which are required to your home within the DLP. The contractor will be expected to adhere to the response times set out above.

Reporting Repairs

During office hours you should report defects directly to the Association, giving as much detail as you can, for instance

  • Your name ,address and a contact telephone number
  • Where and what the fault is.
  • When the contractor can get access to your home to repair the fault.

In some cases it may be necessary to visit your home to establish if the repair request is covered by the DLP or whether this is the Association’s responsibility to arrange the repair.

Right To Repair

The Scottish Secure Tenants (Right to Repair) Regulations 2002, entitles a Scottish Secure tenant to have a qualifying repair carried out to their home. In addition, the Regulations make provision for compensation to be paid to the tenant should a qualifying repair not be completed, without good reason,within a maximum period.

To find out more regarding Right to Repair click here to read The Right to Repair policy including qualifying repairs.