Repair Telephone Numbers

DURING OFFICE HOURS Telephone: 01786 446066
NB Emergency repairs should be reported to the office during office hours. Emergency repairs are repairs which are considered necessary to prevent serious damage to the building, danger to health, risk to safety, risk of serious loss or damage, or serious inconvenience to the occupier or occupier’s property.


If you are having problems with your heating/hot water and this is provided by a gas fired combination boiler, please telephone Saltire:

During and Outwith Office Hours Saltire Tel: 0800 048 2710

  • Please give your name and address
  • Telephone Number
  • And a description of repair request

Out-of-Office Hours Emergency Service

For any other genuine emergency repairs we operate an Out-of-Office Hours emergency service provided by the Logie Group  on telephone 0131 608 2003 (outwith office hours only). Please give:

  • Giving your name and address
  • Telephone number
  • And a description of the repair request

Please follow any instructions or requests made by Saltire which may assist with your repair request.

Alternatively, telephone the office 01786 446066 and listen to the recorded message.