Money Problems

If you have money problems you need to get answers to questions like:

Are you claiming all the benefits you can?

What other financial help can you get?

Which debts are the most important?

What can you afford to pay to clear the debts?

Where to get advice?

Where you go to get advice depends on your circumstances, whether you want to talk to people face to face or by telephone, whether you have access to the internet and what exactly you want to know.

You will be able to talk to a Housing Officer who will give you advice and help find a way to solve the problem. Our Income Maximisation Officer can also provide help in a number of positive ways. For further details of this service, please see the Income Maximisation Service page.

Our Income Maximisation leaflet can help provide more information too. Click here for more information.

In Crisis? - A Survival Guide
This Guide published by Stirling Citizens Advice Bureau provides information, advice and guidance to anyone in the crisis situation of not having enough income to feed themselves or their dependants.
There are a variety of reasons that could cause such a situation: homelessness, a delay in benefit payments, benefit sanctions, budgeting or issues at home causing no access to any money
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Help Is At Hand To Tackle Debt
Scotland's Financial Health Service website provides links to a range of organisations offering information and advice on debt, managing money, housing, homelessness and ethical lending.
The website also allows users to search for their local credit unions and find out about the products offered by them, and to search for approved money advisers. The search engine at the bottom of the home page enables you to type in your post code which provides the list of credit unions in your area. Credit Unions provide safer and more secure opportunities for people to borrow money.
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A Plain English Guide to Help Sort out Benefits

This plain English guide has been produced by Stirling Citizens Advice Bureau to help sort out benefits and includes advice on making a Universal Credit claim, Scottish Welfare fund, Employment and Support Allowance, Sanctions, Bedroom Tax and Hardship Payments. Click on to

My World Of Work

From creating the perfect CV to giving a great interview, help is at hand to find and apply for jobs.

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