Who is responsible for repairs?

* Where you see this asterisk, it means Forth may carry out the repair on your behalf but you will be recharged the cost of the work.

** Where you see these asterisks, it means that Forth will only carry out these repairs on the items:

  • when a property is vacated for a new tenant,
  • or as part of a planned maintenance programme,
  • or if it is included,  in your rent.

Otherwise the repair is your responsibility.

*** Where you see these asterisks, it means Forth will carry out these repairs, but you need to report this to the police first and ask for an incident report slip. Should you fail to do so, you will be recharged for the repair.

Rechargeable Repairs/Work

If a repair is needed because you or a member of your household, or visitor has damaged the property then it is usually up to you to get the repair done and to pay for it. The Association will carry out the repair if it was caused by vandals, but you need to report this to the Police first and ask for an incident report slip.
Some times we will do the repair and bill you for the work. This will only be done if otherwise your home would be left in a dangerous or insecure situation. For example, if you lose your keys, the Association may arrange access to your home and the replacement of your lock and keys. But you will be charged for this service.

Forth Housing Association is not responsible for repairing damage caused willfully or negligently or accidentally by you, anyone living with you or an invited visitor to your house. If the Association decides to carry out the work, you must pay us for the cost of the repair.

Repair responsibility
  ITEMForth HousingTenant
  Blocked drain/waste pipe
  Water supply pipes


  Shower (belonging to FHA)

  Shower (belonging to Tenant)  

  Wash Hand Basin (WHB)

Bathroom WC Bowl

  WC Cistern

  WC seat & lid  




  Tap washers


  Plug & chains  


  Non-slip flooring (Installed by FHA)

  Towel rails & toilet roll holders  

  ITEMForth HousingTenant
  Blocked drain/waste pipe


  Water suppply pipes


  Tap washers

  Sink Bowl and drainer

  Plug & chains  


  Non-slip flooring (Installed by FHA)

Kitchen Kitchen Units & work tops


White Goods and fittings installed by FHA
• Cooker
• Oven
• Washer/drier

  White Goods and fittings not installed by FHA
• Cooker
• Oven
• Washing machine
• Tumble drier
• Fridge / Freezer

  Gas supply pipe

  Gas bayonet fitting and supply hose to cooker  

  Supply and fitting bayonett fitting where none exists within property  


  ITEMForth HousingTenant
  Door and frame


• Hinges
• Locks / latch
• Handles
• House number

  Letter box

  Replacement Keys and locks  

Doors Lock repairs

  Door chain  


  Name plates  



  Door Bell on electric circuit

  Door bell bateries  

  ITEMForth HousingTenant
  Glass in Window



  Window frame

Window Window cills and aprons


  Ventilation Strips

  Curtain Plate

  ITEMForth HousingTenant
  Electric Storage heaters

  Panel Heaters & Fan Heaters

  Gas Central Heating

  Gas Water Heating System

Heating Radiators, Thermostatic Controls, Timers, Boilers & Pumps

  Gas pipes within property

  Gas Meter Box\Door  

  Hot and Cold Water tanks

  Electric fires  

  Gas fires

  ITEMForth HousingTenant

  Pendants, lamp holder and ceiling Rose

  Extractor Fans / Mechanical Fans

  Plugs and Fuses  

  Mains Operated Smoke detecor

  Battery Operated Smoke detector

  Battery for Smoke detector  


  Light switches

  Water immersion heater

Electrical Electric Fires  

  Storage Heaters

  Wiring and circuits

  Consumer Unit (but not resetting MCBs/RCDs)

  External light fittings to front/rear of property

  Common Star lights

  Fluorescent tubes  







  Communal Digital TV aerial/ cable and coaxial

  ITEMForth HousingTentant
  Water pipes, Stop cocks, Valves and drains





  Loft hatch

In the House Skirting



  Banister / Handrail




  Floor coverings carpets, Vinyl, laminate, etc.  

  ITEMForth HousingTenant

  Down Pipes (Rain & Soil)


  Roof tiles / Slates

  Roof TImbers

  Fascia Boards, Soffit, Barge Boards and Over Hangs

  Car Ports & Garages

  Lean to Roofs and Porches


  Roughcast, Render & external brick work

  Foundations & Damp Proof Course / Membrane


External Structure Area Chimney Flue

  Steps to Entrance

  Stairs, Bannister, Handrail

  Communal Paths

  Communal Slabs

  Communal Stairs & entrances: Floor & wall finishes

  Fences & gates erected by the Association

  Communal Parking Areas

  Bin Stores And Drying Areas

  Cloth Poles

  Cloth Pole Rope  

  Rotary driers (communal)

  Rotary driers (Individual Property)  

  Garden Shed / Greenhouse  

  External Decoration

  ITEMForth HousingTenant
  Communal Grounds Maintenance

  Garden maintenance (Front garden of property)

  Individual rear Garden maintenance  

  Communal TV Aerials

  Individual TV Aerials installed by FHA


Services Furnishings & Equipment (where provided by FHA)

  Internal Window Cleaning (Individual Property)  

  External Window Cleaning (Individual Property)  

  Internal Window Cleaning (Communal Stairs)

  External Window Cleaning (Communal Stairs)

  Stair cleaning (Communal stairs)

  Annual service of Clos-o-Mat