Mutual Exchange

Mutual exchanges allow you to swap your home with another tenant. Exchanges are often a quicker way for you to move home rather than applying for a transfer. They are a self help option because you can find someone to swap with yourself. You can exchange your property with another Forth Housing tenant, or Housing Association or Council tenant from this, or any other area. There are conditions that you have to comply with in order for a mutual exchange to be approved. Before you move, you must write to us to get our written approval for the mutual exchange to take place. Please do not make any arrangements to move until you have that approval. For further information please refer to your tenant’s handbook or the Exchanges & Transfers section of the site.  

Our occupancy standard defines what rooms people should expect, including the type of bedroom.

Each couple (that is, partners of the same or opposite sex) or single person applicant should have their own bedroom. This should be a double bedroom.

Children of the same gender under the age of 16 will share a double bedroom. Different genders at the age of 10 and over will have their own bedroom.

We will consider exchanges as reasonable if they meet our occupancy standards as detailed in the allocation policy. Click here for details of our allocation policy.