Our Management Committee meets monthly. If you are interested in joining the Management Committee please click here. This provides details of our Membership Policy and an application form at the end of the policy.

To read the monthly approved Minutes see below:

Monthly Committee Minutes
File Description File Size
Committee Minute May 20 PDF icon 108 Kb
Committee Minute April 20 PDF icon 65 Kb
Committee Minute March 20 PDF icon 68 Kb
Committee Minute Feb 20 PDF icon 147 Kb
Committee Minute Jan 20 PDF icon 67 Kb
Committee Minute Dec 19 PDF icon 85 Kb
Committee Minute Nov 19 PDF icon 124 Kb
Committee Minute Oct 19 PDF icon 36 Kb
Committee Briefing Sept 19 PDF icon 89 Kb
Committee Briefing Aug 19 PDF icon 91 Kb
Committee Briefing July 2019 PDF icon 121 Kb
Committee Briefing June 19 PDF icon 90 Kb
Committee Briefing May 19 PDF icon 90 Kb
Committee Briefing April 19 PDF icon 153 Kb
Committee Briefing March 19 PDF icon 155 Kb
Committee Briefing Feb 19 PDF icon 52 Kb
Committee Briefing Jan 19 PDF icon 52 Kb