Tenancy Agreements

Scottish Secure Tenancy

The Scottish Secure Tenancy (SST) was introduced in September 2002 as part of the of the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001.  All Forth Housing Association tenants have a Scottish Secure Tenancy. Changes to your Scottish Secure Tenancy Rights were made by the Housing (Scotland) Act 2014. Click here for more information.

Tenancy Agreement

Tenants rights and responsibilities are outlined in the SST. The Housing Officer will explain the key parts when you sign your tenancy agreement. However, it is important to keep the tenancy agreement in a safe place to enable you to refer to it in the future.

Summary of Tenancy Responsibilities

You are responsible for keeping to the terms of your tenancy in the following ways:

  • Paying your rent on time (covered under Rent Section).
  • Allowing us and our contractors access to carry out repairs, especially annual servicing of gas appliances. (covered under Repairs Section).
  • Reporting faults and repairs to us that are our responsibility to carry out. (covered under Repairs Section).
  • Not causing neighbour nuisance or harassment. (covered under Your Home Section).
  • Keep your home in a clean condition, including internal decoration and minor repairs.
  • Arrange contents insurance to cover your personal belongings and for accidental damage to Forth's fixtures and fittings. We can provide details of a low cost policy through the Scottish Federation of Housing Association's. (SFHA).
  • Only operate a business from your home if you have discussed it with us first and obtained our permission.
  • Do not use your home for illegal or immoral purposes.
  • Obtain permission in writing before making any alterations.
  • Obtain permission to keep a pet (covered under Your Home Section).