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Management Committee Briefing March 2019

Management Committee Briefing

The following points were covered at the March 2019 Committee Meeting:

The Development update highlighted:

  • Cultenhove 3 project moving towards completion with first handovers due April/May 2019.
  • Raploch sites 9 and 8B progressing with anticipated start date late May 2019. Delays due to revised Building Warrants.
  • Johnston Avenue phase 2: a change to SEPA guidance with respect to flooding and updated flood risk model taken by the local authority has resulted in a report being undertaken. Once received this will be reviewed and considered.
  • Opportunity of 40 units with Barratt is being progressed at Polmaise Road, Cambusbarron.
    The Maintenance update highlighted:
    • Overall reactive work increased as expected during the winter quarter.
    • Contractor performance dropped in the quarter, specifically emergency gas repairs, committee expressed their concern.
    • Only 5 reactive jobs (0.8%) failing to meet the “right first time” target
    • Reactive maintenance spend being in line with budget and cyclical and planned works being slightly under and slightly over respectively
    • Committee expressed concern about contractors not meeting our targets and staff should be inspecting major works and signing off.
  • The reactive maintenance & void contract 2019-22 was approved.
  • A proposal to write off irrecoverable debts relating to rechargeable repair items,  was agreed.
  • Both policies were approved (Allterations and Improvements and Repairs and Maintenance).
  • The Business Plan for 2018 to 2021 was agreed. This spells out the strategic and operational targets which the Association will seek to meet. AGM scheduled for the 4th September and the Committee Away Day 14th September.
  • Committee homologated the allocation of a property to a Committee Member’s Brother.
  • Health & Safety report update was noted.
  • Noted the advert for the Internal Audit services was now live.
  • Committee approved the delegation of recruitment to the Staffing Sub Committee. This will be amended in the Standing Orders when this reviewed later in the year.
  • The SHR’s engagement plan for Forth was noted: focus on Development
  • The Digital Inclusion Bid for an extension for a further 3 years was declined: the current project will end at the end of May 2019.

Grahame Cairns