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Management Committee Briefing April 2019

Management Committee Briefing

The following points were covered at the April 2019 Committee Meeting:

  • The staffing sub committee’s recommendation to employ the Modern Apprentice as the new Customer Services Assistant was homologated. Congratulations Becky.
  • The Internal Auditor tender was noted and approved.
  • A number of Scottish Housing Regulator reports were considered and relevant points noted. It was noted that Forth’s engagement plan is based on development and to this end the May meeting will have a focus on our future development programme.
  • Director was asked to review the DPO role regarding Freedom of Information (FOI).
  • The six monthly report from Shelter about Flexibility in paying rent in advance was discussed and it was agreed that this should continue to be monitored and reviewed in six months.
  • The annual appraisal review of Committee governance was started.
  • The quarterly Housing Management Report was considered and the following particularly noted:
    • The Housing List has grown to 1116 households, who are looking for rehousing.
    • The average relet time for the last quarter had risen to 4.5 days but this was due to a number of particular properties and there is no concern about longer term issues. Committee enquired as to the TS target of 2 days but it was agreed that we would continue with for the next year and committee accepted this may change.
    • Tenancy sustainment figures were all very high, with an overall sustainment rate of 97%.
    • The number of anti-social behaviour complaints had remained static.
    • Rent arrears had risen, with Universal Credit cases now accounting for 51% of the total arrears. Committee requested an additional row specifically for UC arrears. Committee noted that arrears had increased from the previous year of approx. 14k.
    • Factoring arrears had fallen to £112.
    • The Income Maximisation workload was again increasingly dominated by Universal Credit advice and assistance. It was pleasing to note the sums of money Tracy had managed to secure for our tenants.
  • The annual registers report was considered, which covered the following:
    • Gifts received and issued by staff or Committee members
    • Committee member attendance at meetings
    • Committee member attendance at training
    • Committee member expenses claims
    • Disposals of land and property
    • Entitlements, payments and benefits declarations
    • Aims and Objectives performance review
  • The Compensation & Goodwill payments policy was  reviewed and adopted.
  • The Insurance and Gas Tender was noted and approved.
  • General Consent was approved for 4 properties.

Grahame Cairns     30.04.19