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Joint Tenants Satisfaction Survey 2019

Tenants’ Satisfaction Survey Coming – We Need Our tenants' Help!

Those of our tenants with good memories will remember that we carry out a full satisfaction survey every 3 years.  This is so that we can find out what tenants think about the quality of our work, the way we communicate, the standard of our homes and much, much, more! Taking place from April-June these interviews will be carried out during the day, early evening and at week-ends and  will take no more than 15-20 minutes. The interviewers will carry identification.

We have again joined with other local landlords to do a joint survey. This ensures that  we can accurately compare results with each other and also save money through the combined contract. This year’s survey will be carried out by Research Resource and their staff will be calling on approximately one third of our tenants to get your views.

Therefore, if you are a Forth tenant and someone calls at your home and asks you to complete the survey we’d encourage you to say “yes”. The surveyor will ask you a series of questions and record your results, so giving the feedback is about as easy as it can be.

All the information tenants give to interviewers will be kept confidential and no one will be aware of who has taken part, so feel free to give comments openly. Should you wish to ensure you are part of the survey please contact Research Resource direct on 0141 641 6410. If you have any specific needs or wish someone to support you in the interview please contact Research Resource and they will do their best to assist you.

There will be a prize draw, with a reward of £50 each for 2 lucky participants. So not only can tenants answers help us maintain or improve our services, they can also improve your bank balance! We thank all our tenants in advance for their co-operation and time in completing the survey.